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How to Emulate Shizuku (PC-98)

When I was looking to emulate Shizuku for the first time, I wasn't able to find all the info I needed in one place. Here is a tutorial, with pictures, that I've written for this site. Hope this helps!

1. Visit the developer's site

2. Download the version of the emulator titled np2fmgen.7z

3. Extract and open the files.

4. The program you need for Shizuku is titled np21.exe . Open the program.

5. After it loads, go to Harddisk > IDE#0 > Open

6. Locate the game file (In this case, [PC98]雫shizuku.hdi)

7. Navigate to Emulate > Reset

8. Hit enter twice, or until the A > text appears.

9. Text will load. Type "game" (in all lowercase, without quotations).

10. Hit enter, and the game will load.

11. When finished with the game, press Emulate > Reset, then Emulate > Exit to quit the program.

Note about saving: To save your progress, navigate to np21.ini. This will open the code for the program in a text file. Under the [NekoProject21] section, insert the line "STATSAVE=true" without quotations. This will add a State menu to the program. You're given 0 to 9 save files.

I didn't include the option of saving in the tutorial itself because this option doesn't work for everyone. Please understand the risk of losing your saves is present before adding a save option to the program.

Here are some great resources on the topic, if this tutorial wasn't clear enough.

Here is a link to a Touhou forum discussing extra settings. [x]

Here is a link to a YouTube video discussing PC-98 emulation in general, and where to find other games. [x]