About and FAQ
About and FAQ

This website is not intended for those under the age of 18. Please read the full FAQ before visiting the links below. Viewer discretion is advised.

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What is this?

This site is an archive of Japanese works that I find interesting. I'm drawn towards denpa and psychological horror.

What is Denpa?

"Denpa is a Japanese term that literally translates to "electromagnetic wave" and is often used to describe people that exhibit bizarre behavior and claim to hear voices that they receive directly from something like a radio wave. The term is used to describe a genre of story that revolves around madness where the protagonist or other characters are disconnected from reality, often indulging in delusional or paranoid fantasies and whose view of the world is distorted." [source]

For example, think Serial Experiments Lain. The more Lain noticed the humming of electricty in phone lines, the more her mental state declined. The deeper she fell into paranoia and delusions.

The basic idea is that "something" (being dubbed "radio waves" for the sake of this example) in the atmosphere is causing characters to act strangely.

Who is the Webmaster? What does he do?

I'm an amatuer translator. I'm a 21+ year old university student. I go to school full time, and work part time. Translating is a hobby of mine, and I'm currently working through a collection of visual novels (mainly of the denpa genre) I'm interested in. I also collect manga, doujinshi, and magazines, which I scan and translate from time to time.

Can I play these visual novels in English?

No. To put it simply, creating a language patch for a video game is something that's way too difficult for me. The videos I post to YouTube are raw gameplay footage with English subtitles of my translations.

I know how to code. Can I patch the games myself?

Of course! I'll post entire scripts and route guides on this site once they're completed. If this happens, I'd love to experiences the patches myself.

Where can I download these games myself?

I urge you to buy official copies of these games on DLSite to support the official release. However, since the games I'm inclined towards are from defunct companies and OS, a lot of these games aren't available for purchase anymore. Files for "lost" games can be found here.

I downloaded the games. How do I run them?

I'll make a site entry on how I personally do things. In the mean time, here are some great resources on the topic.

VirtualBox Info and Setup

Windows XP VirtualBox Setup

Playing Old Games on VirtualBox

Playing Visual Novels on VirtualBox

PC98 Emulation Basics

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of magazine and manga scans, along with visual novel footage. Content of interest include works of psychological horror (mainly visual novels and manga), and anime figures or garage kits. Favored aesthetics include dark, "edgy" character design of early 2000s anime and manga.

Language of Materials

Japanese, translated into English.

Conditions Governing Use

Anyone can use this site. I only ask that you share it with others.

Tools for Acquistion

Windows XP virtual machine (Oracle VM VirtualBox), Neko Project PC98 emulator, CamScanner.

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Related Titles

Shizuku (Leaf), Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou (DUKE), Odeon (BOKU) Gothic & Lolita Bible, Dolis (Kusumoto Maki), Figumania, Figure Maniacs, Replicant, Litchi Hikari Club, Serial Experiments Lain

Content Warnings

Media referenced on this site may contain mentions/imagery of STRICTLY FICTIONAL death, suicide, self injury, violence, assault, gore, nudity, rape, incest, pedophilia, delusions, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, and paranoia (just to name a few). Denpa works can be very dark at times, so viewer discretion is advised. This site is recommended for those aged 18 and up. The Webmaster takes no responsibility for any harm caused by the consumption of said media, and (obviously) does not condone any harmful actions in real life. The Webmaster is firmly against crime that causes direct bodily, mental, and/or social harm to others.


I am not a professional translator, so please take my interpretation of these works with a grain of salt. All scans published to this site won't be the greatest quality, as I don't want to ruin my collection of books/magazines by tearing them apart to scan each page traditionally. Also, I'm not very good at coding.


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For all other inquiries, please email denpaarchivist@gmail.com